Final Disposition - Earl's Funeral Home
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Final Disposition

As this aspect of the funeral is a powerful process, it is important that you choose the kind that is most meaningful to the family and most appropriate for the deceased.

Earth Burial, also known as Interment – A final resting place where the family can visit.

Entombment – like earth burial, this offers a final resting place however it is an above ground structure made of stone.

Burial at Sea – usually for those who would have had life involved in the sea.

Cremation – usually will have all or part of the rituals associated with funeral ceremonies. The disposition option includes earth burial, entombment and scattering. Some families may even choose to keep remains in an urn for a while.

Direct Disposition – immediate cremation and disposition without the ceremonies and rites.

Whatever your choice it should reflect your love and respect for the deceased and should be done with dignity.