Aftercare Services - Earl's Funeral Home
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Aftercare Services


We assist families by relieving them of the stress and time taken to obtain necessary documentation. Death certificates which are required for legal use can be obtained through the funeral home when required.

Application for the National Insurance Funeral Grant, which is available to those who have contributed to the scheme, is filed for you by our courteous staff at no extra cost.

As a extension of our customer service, we provide our care and attention even after the funeral. Clients can call our office to inquire on matters they need assistance with in relation to a recent loss. These may range from:

Grave Enclosures:

The construction and/or the maintenance of grave enclosures, monuments and headstones are all handled by us. We also provide temporary cross markers where possible to ensure that families locate grave sites at future dates.

Bereavement Counselling

We believe that we are not only here to take proper care of your deceased loved ones but also provide care and attention to you as well. The pain and hurt associated with grief can be very difficult, hence having someone there to listen and talk to can be very beneficial in coping with such loss.

Personal as well as group sessions are arranged as needed. This service has served to be very beneficial to many in today’s highly stressed world.