Jefferson Leopold Gittens - Earl's Funeral Home
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Jefferson Leopold Gittens

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  • Ryan Gittens

    Dad was larger than life itself.

    Things past along

    Empty vessels brought into a world without a pledge,
    borne by inexperience are filled first with love, then with knowledge.

    The bearers, Still innocent, with advice unsought.
    They add what they think they know, along with what they know they thought.

    The results of that quest, are the things passed along.
    Characteristics and opinions.
    Some right, and some wrong.

    To know the vessel is to also know the bearer.
    If it is attractive in nature and appealing in character then nothing will be clearer.

    If it is Good-natured in thought with a heart filled with song.
    It stands as a testimonial that
    good things were passed along.

    Those vessels, eventually become bearers of their own.
    Filling new vessels with the same and what is newly known.
    Completing, and, not breaking the cycle of things past along.

    My father passed along traits to all his children.
    These things he passed to me.

    His, love of music.
    His, intolerance for nonsense.
    His, mechanical prowess.
    His, artistic ability.
    His, unbiased nature.
    His, sense of spatial awareness.
    His, ability to tune out conflict.
    His, charismatic way
    His, ability to engage anyone into a meaningful conversation.
    His, foresight into people.
    His, ego and his vanity.
    His, ability to pick up new things quickly.
    His, ability to know good a character from a bad one.

    He probably would not get a nomination for father of the year, but he would receive several nominations for friend of the year.
    Many trophies and awards, if there was such a thing.
    If the friendship was a paid profession, My father would have been a millionaire a hundred times over.
    As his son and his friend, I will assume that I was twice blessed.
    My dearest father Jeff. May you find many, many friends, where ever you are going. Warm that party up until I get there. I’ll know where to find you, I will follow the music.

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